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Chat with pre-trained chatbots and train them further with your prompts for all your needs

Pre-trained and ready-made chatbots

Insert your own prompts to train your chatbot

Our chatbots are connected to the Internet

Export your conversation in the format you want

Dialogue with pre-trained chatbots

With Generrate, you can chat with Chatbots that we’ve pre-trained ourselves in collaboration with the prompt engineers who work with us on a daily basis.

Imagine it as a ChatGPT with a user-friendly interface, personalized and pre-trained in the field you’re interested in by prompt engineers, saving you time by getting straight to the point without having to describe how the chatbot should behave or think.

Generrate's AI Chatbots

Our chatbots are connected to internet

Leverage our AI Chatbots for real-time data collection. Each inquiry triggers web scraping, delivering pertinent information instantly. Picture it as ChatGPT, but tailored to furnish you with the latest insights sourced directly from the Internet.

Use real-time data feature for AI Chat

Integrate your own prompts into the chatbot interface

With just one click, Generrate lets you enter your own prompts to customize your chatbot infinitely.
All your added prompts are stored by Generrate so you can use them in your different chatbots, saving you time that would otherwise have been spent prompting several chatbots with the same content.

Generrate's prompts
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