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Create original and unique AI content in your brand voice

+35 built-in and pre-trained templates

Generate and refine your AI content with our AI Assistant

Export your work in the format you want

Brand personalization for ai writer

Tired of AI content that looks the same?Generate AI Content Tailored to Your Brand's Uniqueness

Meet Generrate, your personalized AI Copywriter. By inputting details about your audience, you can tailor your content to reflect your brand’s uniqueness. This way, your AI Writing effortlessly aligns with your brand voice, ensuring your message resonates with your valued customers.

Create original and unique AI content at scale

Choose from dozens of built-in templates in various themes. Whether you’re a marketing specialist or an SEO specialist, you’ll find all the AI Copywriter templates you need for your content creation.

Think of it like ChatGPT, but with prompts pre-filled by prompt engineering specialists to help you save time and optimize the quality of your content.

AI Writer templates

Infinitely refine your AI Copywriter content

Generate your own AI content and modify it as you wish in just one click, with an infinite number of possibilities.

Once you’ve chosen your template, filled in the elements of your brand, you’ll be able to infinitely modify your AI generated content in just one click, thanks to our AI Assistant.

It lets you rewrite your content, make it longer or shorter, revise the grammar and much more.

Generrate's AI Writer

Export your work

Once you’ve generated your AI content, modified it to your liking and made it even more unique, you can export your content in the format that suits you best.

Generrate document export function

FAQ about AI Writer

Today, we offer over 35 templates in various fields (social media, blogs, etc.), and we’re adding more every day.

With Generrate’s AI Writer, you can customize your AI output to match your brand voice, by adding elements relating to your target audience.
What’s more, our templates are available in all languages, with the ability to generate multiple content proposals and different levels of creativity.
No, with Generrate you can infinitely customize your content with our AI Assistant, which lets you perform several operations (rewrite, make the text longer or shorter, fix grammatical mistakes, etc.) on your AI output before exporting it.
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