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Turn your PDF into a chatbot and ask it what you want

Extract relevant information : summarize, understand, and even more

Insert your own prompts to train your chatbot

Upload all your pdfs of any size

Export your exchange with your chatbot as a PDF, MS Word or Text file

Dialogue with pre-trained chatbots

Whether you’re a researcher, busy with commercial contracts or a student, ChatPDF can help you extract useful info from your PDFs and documents.

It’s like having your own personal PDF assistant, putting information at your fingertips! Use Generrate’s online PDF tool to better understand what’s in your file and gain important insights.

Generrate's Chat PDF
Generrate's prompts

Integrate your own prompts into your ChatPDF

With just one click, Generrate lets you enter your own prompts to customize your Chatbot infinitely.

All your added prompts are stored by Generrate so you can use them in your different chatbots, saving you time.

In addition to the PDF uploaded to the Chatbot, you can add other prompts in one clickto guide it further on how it will provide you with answers.

Some use cases


Generrate's ChatPDF can extract chapter summaries, important quotes, and key information to facilitate a quick understanding of the content in e-books

Scientific papers

Researchers can use ChatPDF to extract abstracts, methodologies, and crucial results from scientific papers, speeding up the research process

Legal contracts

Legal professionals can save time by using Generrate's Chat PDF feature to quickly extract conditions, obligations, and key points from legal contracts

Insurance policies

Policyholders can utilize ChatPDF in insurance documents to clarify coverage details, file claims, and understand policy terms, improving transparency and customer satisfaction

Financial reports

Finance professionals can benefit from Generrate's ChatPDF feature ability to extract crucial data, trend analyses, and significant conclusions from complex financial reports


Students can use ChatPDF to get instant summaries, definitions, and explanations of complex concepts in their courses and study materials

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